The Schafhof has a centuries-old history and is closely linked to the local history of Kronberg.

In the Middle Ages a Fronhof, sheep farming later became the most important. The name “Schafhof”, which has been preserved to this day, is derived from this. In the 17th century, around 3,000 sheep grazed on the extensive area in the Taunus. At the beginning of the 19th century the sheep farms were owned by the Herzogl. Nassau domain administration ceased, as a result the farm changed hands several times.

In 1971, Liselott Linsenhoff came to the farm and converted it into a center for dressage. In 1972, the grand dame of German dressage became the first woman to win an individual gold medal in dressage at the Olympic Games in Munich with Piaff.

After the death of her mother, Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff took over the 24 hectare farm in 2000. Since then, dressage horses have been bred, trained and successfully presented at competitions in the name of the Schafhof by the 1988 Olympic Champion, her husband Klaus-Martin Rath and her stepson Matthias Alexander Rath. A diverse, quality and unique selection of stallions ensures that special bloodlines are maintained at Schafhof.

The Schafhof traditionally opens its doors to interested visitors on special occasions. Three European championships have already taken place on the Schafhof. Every year the dressage tournament, which is so important for the young dressage talent, is held at the Schafhof for the selection of the Prize of the Best. In summer, the international Schafhofs Youth Festival is held for the most talented dressage riders in the world and the CDI4* Schafhofs Dressage Festival is held for the existing dressage elite. In addition, there are annual Breeders’ Days including a private stallion show, which gives breeders from all over the world the opportunity to learn about the excellent sires in dressage.

Impressions of the Schafhof