Terms and Conditions Gestüt Schafhof

All breeders inseminating their mares with semen from the stallions at Gestüt Schafhof’s EU-approved semen storage and collection centre (D-KBP-162-EWG) accept the following terms and conditions as applicable to all existing and future business relationships.

The breeding season starts on January 1st ,2022 and ends on July 31th, 2022.

Semen shipment

Statutory provisions in Germany stipulate that semen may only be shipped to breeders (livestock owners) for the purpose of inseminating own mares or to other insemination stations. Shipping semen to the address of a veterinarian named by the breeder is also possible. However, in that case the semen may only be used to inseminate mares owned by the breeder.

The following data is required for semen orders:

  • stallion’s name
  • breeder’s name and complete address
  • exact shipping address (if deviant from breeder’s address)
  • mare’s details (name, UELN code, copy of breeding certificate àthe supplied semen may only be used to inseminate the mare specified in the order)
  • membership number of the breeding association where the stallion breeding report is to be sent
  • name of veterinarian/insemination attendant/semen user

Orders are accepted by telephone, fax, mail or using the online semen order form (www.gestuet-schafhof.com) until 10 am.

We deliver a maximum of three portions of semen during each oestrus cycle. (Additional portions may be provided by agreement with Gestüt Schafhof).

Please send us your breeder’s certificates after the first semen order at the latest. They will only be filled in and forwarded to the breeder and the breeding association after payment of the stud fee.

Stud fee calculation

The total stud fee for stallions that are available for fresh semen insemination (except Foundation) is split up. A € 300 service fee is invoiced at the time of the first order and the remaining balance is payable when the mare is confirmed to be in foal. A final invoice for the stud fee will be automatically generated and dispatched after six weeks without new order. If the mare does not conceive and the owner does not require service by the same or an alternative stallion at the stud, the breeder is required to inform the stallion owner. In case of stallions covered by the “Live Foal Guarantee” offer, the pregnancy rate of the stud fee must be paid no later than 48 hours after the foal is born. The invoice will be sent on the 1st of the month in which the foal is expected. Only when 100% of the stud fee has been received as payment a stud certificate will be issued.

Semen shipping costs shall be covered by the breeder. The semen shipping fee is € 35 on workdays and € 105 on Saturdays. There is no shipping on Sundays and public holidays. However, semen can be collected from the stud by prior arrangement. A same-day express delivery service is possible by rail courier for orders received by 9 am at the latest. Express orders are invoiced on a distance-billing basis (per km).

Additional costs of € 30 per shipment will be incurred for the necessary health certificates when semen is shipped to other countries. When sending semen abroad, the shipping costs are significantly higher and are calculated individually. In addition, there are extra costs of € 30 for the necessary health papers. Up front payment via PayPal is possible.

If a stallion becomes unavailable at short notice for any particular reason (competition, illness etc.) during the breeding season we will offer frozen semen as an alternative, provided that we have it in stock. In this case the considerably higher costs for shipping etc. are paid by the breeder. The breeder can also request another stallion. If this results in a higher stud fee the difference is paid by the breeder. If the stud fee is lower a credit note will be issued in the amount of the difference for redemption against next year’s stud fees. No financial compensation will be paid in the event of the stallion’s death, illness or infertility. However, a credit note will be issued in the amount of the stud fee which can be used for a different stallion at the stud.


From April 1st 2022, mares can be accommodated for artificial insemination at our station (earlier if required). The mare owner guarantees that the mare does not suffer from any infectious disease, comes from an epidemic-free herd and is regularly vaccinated against influenza, tetanus and herpes. She is boarded in the stables of the Schafhof stud and is supplied with feed three times a day (2 x roughage / 3 x concentrated feed). The mare is given daily exercise, depending on the weather, on a sand or grass paddock, either alone or in a small group, depending on the agreement with the owner. The stud is not liable for damage to the horse that is boarded unless the damage is based on intent or gross negligence on the part of the stud or the people working for it. The board price is 18.00 € / day, if the mare is with foal, the daily rate is 25.00 € / day. The pension price is to be paid at the latest upon collection, in cash against the issue of a receipt, alternatively by transferring it to the stud’s account (see account details). Please remember a swab sample (not older than six weeks) is required for all mares before the first insemination, except for three-year-old maiden mares and mares with foal at foot.

Discount system

50% of the stud fee will be credited to breeder’s account for the following of mares that do not conceive or lose the embryo and are not included in the stud fee splitting system. This is subject to a veterinary certificate being provided by 1st December confirming that the mare is not in foal.

Breeders who have more than one mare serviced by one or more of our stallions receive a discount of € 100 for the second mare and € 150 for the third and all further mares. However, they are not entitled to payment of the discounts. Mares inseminated for the first time after 1st July of the respective year that do not conceive shall be fully exempted from the stud fee for a stallion in the same price category in the following year (this is also subject to the provision of a veterinary certificate confirming that the mare is not in foal by 1st December).

Embryo transfer (ET)/ ICSI

Before the first insemination, the breeder must indicate whether an ET / ICSI should be performed Both procedures must be documented by the veterinarian and the results must be forwarded to the stud immediately. If the ET is successful, a veterinary certificate stating that the donor mare is not in foal must be submitted. If the donor mare is inseminated again after  performing the ET, a new stud fee is due. In the case of non-pregnancy, resorption or abortion of the donor or recipient mare, the conditions regarding non-pregnancy of the mare apply. A stud fee is charged for each embryo that has grown on, to be payed after the pregnancy of 60 days.

Frozen semen

Frozen semen is purchased and paid for on a per-portion basis. Our partner stud Paul Schockemöhle (Mühlen) handles frozen semen orders for Foundation and Totilas.The purchase of frozen semen from Totilas is linked to the insemination of the mare at Paul Schockemöhle breeding station in Mühlen or at Gestüt Lewitz. There will be a maximum of three doses per mare.Orders for frozen semen from all other stallions are handled by us. Frozen semen is associated with higher shipping costs etc. than fresh semen.


These Terms and Conditions apply exclusively to breeders. The contract partner is Gestüt Schafhof. Contracts for semen orders are governed by German law. The exclusive legal venue is Königstein/Ts., Germany.

Our bank details are as follows:

Frankfurter Sparkasse

Gestüt Schafhof – Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff

IBAN: DE23 5005 0201 0200 7429 73


Please always state the breeder’s name, invoice number and stallion name when you make a bank transfer!

Thank you for choosing Gestüt Schafhof!

Last update: February 9th, 2022