Terms and Conditions Gestüt Schafhof

General Terms and Conditions of Gestüt Schafhof 2023

All mare owners using stallions of the EU insemination station Gestüt Schafhof DE-BSE-HE-162-EWG accept the following terms and conditions for all present and future business relations.

The breeding season starts on 1.2.2023 and ends on 31.7.2023. The stallions Foundation, Maddox Mart, Glamorous, Total Caledonia, Estupendo, Vital Hit and Che Guevara are available from 3.3.2023.

Semen shipping

According to the legal regulations, semen in Germany may only be sent to breeders (animal owners) for the insemination of their own mares as well as to other insemination stations. In addition, semen may also be shipped to the address of a veterinarian designated by the breeder. However, the semen may only be used for the insemination of mares of the named breeder.

The following data are required when ordering semen:

– Desired stallion

– Name and full address of the breeder

– Exact shipping address (if different from the breeder’s address)

– Details of the mare (name, life number, mating certificate/the semen supplied may only be used for the registered mare)

– Membership number of the breeding association to which the covering is to be registered

– Veterinary surgeon/inseminator/user of the semen

Orders can be placed by phone, fax, email or via our seed order form on our website until 10:00 am (www.gestuet-schafhof.com). If you order via the website, the order is only definite after confirmation.

The mating certificates must be received by us at the latest after the first semen order and will only be completed and returned to the breeder by us after payment of the mating fees and sent to the responsible association.

Semen shipping costs are to be borne by the breeder. Germany-wide € 40 on weekdays and € 110 on Saturdays. On Sundays and public holidays no shipping is possible, but collection is possible by arrangement. A day express is possible by arrangement by rail courier, after an order by 9:00 a.m. at the latest. This includes invoicing according to distance (per km).

When sending semen abroad, please note the significantly higher shipping costs. Furthermore, there are additional costs for the necessary health papers of more than 30 €. Prior to the first semen shipment, payment of the insemination tax and the health paper must be instructed via PayPal.

Stud fee statement

a.) The insemination fee of 300,- € is the first part of the stud fee, applies to the first fresh semen order of our stallions and is valid for the entire duration of the stud season. It is to be paid by the breeder in any case. There is no entitlement to credits or discounts on the insemination tax. The insemination fee is due at the first insemination of your mare. Not included in the insemination tax are the costs for the veterinary certificate, semen dispatch, veterinary costs as well as boarding costs/other services. If the money is not paid 14 days after receipt of the invoice, we reserve the right to stop further semen deliveries. In case of non-pregnancy, the insemination fee will not be credited against the stud fee in the following year.

b.) The second part of the respective stud fee is the pregnancy fee and is only due when the pregnancy of your mare has been proven. The due date is the pregnancy on the 60th day after the last insemination. The proof of non-pregnancy must be submitted by the breeder with a written certificate from the attending veterinarian to Schafhof Stud by October 1, 2023 at the latest without being requested to do so. If a veterinary certificate of non-pregnancy issued on the 60th day of pregnancy at the latest is not submitted within 14 days, the pregnancy fee shall automatically become due. This also applies to a non-pregnancy established at a later date.

c.) In the case of stallions for which the offer “Live foal/Youngster Special” applies, the pregnancy tax of the stud fee must be paid no later than 48 hours after the birth of the foal. The invoice will be sent on the 1st of the month in which the foal is expected. Only after 100% payment of the stud fee has been received will a stud certificate be issued.

d.) The stud fee for the stallions Foundation and Totilas will be invoiced by the stud station Paul Schockemöhle. The settlement shall be made in the full amount.

Should a stallion not be available at short notice in the course of the breeding season for special reasons (tournament use, illness, etc.), it is possible to switch to frozen semen if available. The significantly higher costs for shipping etc. are to be borne by the breeder. If desired, a change of stallion can also be made. If there is a difference between the stud fees, this must still be paid by the breeder. In case of a more favourable stud fee, we will issue a credit note on the stud fee for the following year. In case of death or illness or infertility of a stud stallion, there is no financial compensation, but a credit note for the amount of the stud fee will be issued if another stallion of the stud is selected.


From 1.5.2023 until the end of the breeding season, mares can be accommodated at our station for artificial insemination (possibly earlier by arrangement). The mare owner assures that the mare is not suffering from a contagious disease, comes from a disease-free herd and has been vaccinated against influenza, tetanus and herpes. She will be housed in the stables of Schafhof Stud and fed three times a day (2 x roughage/3 x concentrated feed). The mare receives daily exercise, depending on the weather on a sand or grass paddock, either alone or in a small group, depending on the agreement with the owner. The stud is not liable for any damage to the boarded horse, unless any damage would be due to intent or gross negligence on the part of the stud or the persons working for the stud. The boarding fee is 18,00€/day, if the mare is boarded with foal at foot, the daily rate is 25,00€/day. The boarding fee will be invoiced to the billing address provided. A swab sample (not older than 6 weeks) must be available before the first insemination.

Discount system

For mares which are inseminated with Foundation/Totilas and have not taken up foaling, we will credit the breeder with 50% of the stud fee paid in the following year, provided that a veterinary certificate of non-pregnancy is received by 01.12. After resorption or foaling of the mare, we will grant you 30% of the stud fee paid (again, the condition is that the veterinary certificate is available by 01.12. of the current year).

If a breeder uses one or more of our stallions for more than one mare, we grant a discount of 100 € from the second mare and 150 € from the third mare. There is no right to payment of the discounts.

Mares that have been inseminated for the first time after 01.07. of the respective year and have not become pregnant receive full stud fee exemption for a stallion in the same price category in the following year (condition is also here the presentation of the veterinary certificate of non-pregnancy by 01.12. of the current year).

Embryo Transfer (ET)/ ICSI

Before the first insemination, the breeder must indicate whether an ET/ ICSI is to be performed. Both procedures must be documented by the veterinarian and the results forwarded to the stud immediately. In case of a successful ET, a veterinary certificate stating that the donor mare is not pregnant must be submitted. If the donor mare is inseminated again after the ET, a new stud fee is due. In case of non-pregnancy, resorption or foaling of the donor or recipient mare, the conditions regarding non-pregnancy of the mare apply. A stud fee will be charged for each embryo that grows.

Frozen semen

The purchase and payment of frozen semen is made in portions. The purchase of frozen semen from the stallions Foundation/ Totilas is handled by our partner station Paul Schockemöhle (Mühlen). The purchase of TG semen from Totilas is linked to the insemination of the mare at the breeding station Paul Schockemöhle. A maximum of three portions per mare will be sold. The purchase of frozen semen of all other available stallions takes place through us. Higher costs regarding shipping etc. compared to fresh semen shipping are to be expected. These conditions are exclusively for breeders. Contractual partner is Schafhof Stud. Contracts concerning semen orders are subject to German law. Place of jurisdiction is Königstein/Ts, Germany.

Our bank details are as follows:

Frankfurter Sparkasse

Schafhof Stud Farm – Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff

IBAN: DE23 5005 0201 0200 7429 73


Please always state the breeder’s name and the invoice number when making a bank transfer!

Thank you for choosing Gestüt Schafhof!

Status 08.02.2023